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Belle Poule

Year of built
Length 37,5 meter
Width 7,4 meter
3,66 meter
24,5 meter
Sail Area
450 m²


The French Navy is well represented at Sail Den Helder 2017. Apart from the Mutin, the fine schooner Belle Poule has announced that she will take part. She is a sister ship of the Etoile and quite often the sisters show up at the same events. In this case they do not as she is accompanied by the Mutin.


The Belle Poule and her sister ship were both commissioned in 1932 by the French Navy as sail training ships for their Navy cadets. The design was based on the fast sailing vessels used around the coasts of Northern Europe. Two mast schooners have already been used for more over 200 years all over the world because of their speed and high maneuverability. Under normal circumstances the sails can be operated from the deck without the need for people to climb the masts. In total she can fly seven sails.


At the outbreak of World War II , the French Navy had both schooners take refuge abroad, in this case England. During the first days of May 1940 215,000 British and 123,000 French troops were evacuated from the French beaches. Ships that had already taken refuge in England were used to assist including the Belle Poule and the Etoile. In 1945, after the liberation, the French twins returned to their original homeport. Since then they have been much sought after guests at official occasions in the homeland and abroad but also at international Sail events.


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