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Boa Esperanza

Year of built
Length 23,8 meter
Width 6,6 meter
3,3 meter
18 meter
Sail Area
235 m²


This special replica of a so called Caravel, shows us what the sailing vessels in the 15th century looked like. Originally these ships sailed along the Spanish and Portuguese coasts but they could also sail the African Coasts. The original Boa Esperanza made several voyages of discovery during this period as far as the Indian Ocean.


The ships were built as freight carriers and were the predecessors to the later Carracks, a type of ship like the replica Nao Victoria from Spain (which will also be at Sail Den Helder 2017). These ships were bigger than the Caravels and could basically sail worldwide. It is said that the early VOC ships were of a developed design of the Carrack.

The replica Boa Esperanza was launched in 1990 and was intended to promote Portuguese tourism in the Algarve. She has two masts with a special rigging, whereby the red cross in the sails emphasises its uniqueness. 


The ship measures almost 24 meters length and has bunks for 22 guests. During Sail Den Helder she will be open to visitors. Welcome onboard!


See website of this Tall Ship.

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