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Christian Radich

Year of built
Length 73 meter 
Width 9,7 meter
4.7 meter 
37,7 meter
Sail Area
1360 m²


This beautiful white ‘lady’ was built in 1937 and is, amongst other reasons, famous for her role in the 1970s’ television series The Onedin Line.She never operated as a freight carrier but was purposely built in Norway as a school ship. The initiator was a businessman who owned a big wood company. He loved the sea and always listened avidly to the stories of his cousin who was a captain. It inspired him  to have the ship built.


Excluding the Second World War, the Christian Radich always operated as a training ship from Oslo, also the hometown of the original owner.  The foundation that operates the ship, also has a contract with the Norwegian Navy thereby ensuring a sound financial base.  But just as with all other big sailing vessels it remains difficult to keep a vessel this size operational and adhere to all the strict (Norwegian) regulations. She has a permanent crew of around 20 people and can host a maximum of 80 trainees.


Sail Den Helder 2017 is proud to be able to welcome such big and impressive windjammers as the Christian Radich. They continue to inspire and amaze people and form the heart of each Sail extravaganza!


See website of this Tall Ship.

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