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Cisne Branco

Year of built
Length 84 m incl. 10 m bowsprit 
Width 10,5 meter
4.8 meter 
46 meter
Sail Area
2195 m²


The Brazilian Cisne Branco  (White Swan) is property of the Brazilian Navy and has over time become well known in Den Helder ever since her participation in Sail Den Helder 2008 and Sail Den Helder 2013. The Brazilians bring a colourful tropical sphere with them with their inspirational music on board and their immaculate white uniforms.


The Cisne Branco is a sister ship of the Stad Amsterdam, the ‘Black Swan’. The other sister ship is the Shabab Oman II, also built by Damen Shipyards. This ship has not returned to the Netherlands since her delivery after new build.  Many hearts in Den Helder will quicken at the planned arrival of the Cisne Branco.


She was built in 1998 in the Netherlands and commissioned in 1999. The big ship measures 74 meters in length and has a bow pulpit of 10 meters. Under steam she can reach a maximum speed of 11 knots but under sail she can reach  17.5 knots!  The complete crew consists of 72 people. Welcome back in Den Helder, White Swan!

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