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Type Schooner
Year of built



The Netherlands


59,1 meter
Width 12,3 meter
Draft 5 meter
Heigth 41,7 meter
Sail Area
1206 m²



The Eendracht enjoys a rich history that goes all the way back to 5 October 1938. During the 30s motorised shipping all but superseded the professional freight sailing. A change that worried many people because of the potential loss of knowledge about sailing at sea and with it the valuable cooperation that leads to team spirit and persistence.


The founders of the Eendracht saved the training possibilities on a big sailing vessel by establishing the National Foundation ‘Het Zeilend Schoolschip’ (the Sailing School ship). The initiator and first chairman was Mr C.J. Jaski, offspring of a famous seaman family and from Schiermonnikoog. Anno 2010 his name is still connected with the Eendracht. His close relation Mr B. Jaski is the current chairman of the Foundation Sailing vessel Eendracht (Stichting Zeilschip Eendracht).


Sailing on board the Eendracht is teamwork. The Eendracht carries out sailing trips of all shapes and sizes for everyone from its homeport Rotterdam to an Atlantic Crossing. For young people and students the Eendracht organises special sailing journeys because having young people experience the sailing at sea is of paramount importance to the biggest Dutch three mast schooner.  The Eendracht also organises remarkable projects and special journeys for those who might otherwise lose out. Companies and groups can hire the ship for a private trip or event. This contributes to the continued focus of the Eendracht on its primary purpose. A destination of choice, a professional and largely volunteer crew and tasteful catering from the galley form the ingredients of an unforgettable journey!


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