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Nao Victoria

Type  Spanish carrack (replica) 
 Year of built
 Flag Spain
 Length 28 meter
 Width 4 meter
 Draft 3,2 meter
 Sail Area



This originally 16th century ship was the only one out of five that safely returned to Seville from a journey around the world from 1519 to 1522. The first ship ever!


After crossing the Atlantic Ocean, she sailed the coasts of South-America, transited the Magellan Strait and crossed the Pacific Ocean until she reached the Philippines and later on the Molukken. On the way back she rounded the Cape of Good Hope and sailed along the west coast of Africa until she reached her homeport Seville. A journey of 32,000 miles around the world. This way new countries were discovered, coasts were charted and new territories developed!  Without the adventurous nature of these early explorers the present  world might have looked very different.

The replica of the ‘Nao Victoria’ was built in Spain to honour the historic way of shipbuilding, to learn (again) from it and to show the possibilities of these historic ships from the 16th century.


Of course she will be open to the public during Sail Den Helder 2017: for you to see with your own eyes how these first ‘world travelers’ sailed around the world. At big events she receives up to 2,000 people per day onboard!


The ‘Nao Victoria’ measures approx. 32 meters length hand has a draft of 3.32 meters. The total sailing area is 285.35m2.  Sail Den Helder 2017 is very proud to be able to show this vessel in our port!

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