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Year of built
Length 41,3 mtr
Width 8 meter
Draft 3,6 meter
Heigth 32 meter
Sail Area
992 m²


The Pogoria is a Polish Barkentijn that was launched in 1980 Poland. She measures 48 meters length. This ship is also a regular participant of the Tall Ships Races and other international events.


Sail training for young people is the real purpose of this ship. The Pogoria can host a maximum of 50 people on board during its sailing journeys. On 7 July 2009 two of its masts broke while underway to St. Petersburg.  The 37 young people were lifted from the ship by helicopters because the engines of the ship had been damaged as well. They experienced frightening moments but fortunately nobody was injured.


Last year 2016, the Pogoria is completely operational and will participate in Sail Den Helder 2017!


See website on this Tall Ship.

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