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Year of built
United Kingdom 
Length 32 meter
7,36 meter
Draft 3,3 meter
Heigth 24,38 meter
Sail Area   
536 m²



With the presence of the new ‘Royalist’ (2014) Sail Den Helder 2017 has a splendid SCOOP!  Royalist has not yet been in the Netherlands. It is the second ship with this name in the organisation, the previous version was built in 1971 and was decommissioned when the new ship was commissioned!  She belongs to the British, volunteer youth organisation of the Sea Cadet Corps (SCC), just as her predecessor. 


The organisation is partly sponsored by the Ministry of Defence and partly by the Royal Navy. Participation is open to children and young people from all walks of life, regardless of descent, race or religion. Both boys and girls may join. The Cadets use the same titles and ranks as the military organisations of the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines. Although the principles of the SCC are not designed as a prequel to a military career, in reality a number of the youngsters chose to join the Royal Navy or the Royal Marines after completion of their secondary school. Their patron is Queen Elizabeth II.


In addition to the ‘Royalist’ as sail training vessel, the SCC also has four motorised training vessels. There are separate age groups with different activities. The youngest group is for children between the ages of 10 and 12 years and they exercise all kinds of water related activities.  The next group is 12-18 years.  The expected age for the participants during Sail Den Helder 2017 is 16 years and older. For additional info:


The 'Royalist' is sailed by eight professional crewmembers and can accommodate up to 26 trainees. We are looking forward to her arrival!

Sail Den Helder - Good to sea you
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