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Four-masted Barque
Year of built
Length 117,5 meter
14,6 meter
6,5 meter
58 meter
Sail area
4195 m²

Sedov Bark


This impressive Tall Ship was built as a freighter in 1921 in a German shipyard in Kiel as Magdalene Vinnen II. The shipping company F.A. Vinnen had lost all of its ships due to the First World War and the subsequent Versailles Treaty. The Magdalene Vinnen II was part of the new fleet that was built after all that.

Between 1921 and 1936 she transported mainly coal to Buenos Aires, saltpeter from Chili to Germany, as well as grain from Australia to Germany. She was then sold to the Norddeutscher Lloyd and for the first time partly used as a sail training vessel for future officers. The name was changed to Kommodore Johnson. After her return to Bremerhaven on 11 August 1939 she was laid up during the Second World War.


After the war in December 1945 she was given to the Soviet Union as reparation and named Sedov. After having been used for several Soviet purposes she was rebuilt in 1981 to be able to accommodate more people. Fitness rooms, a little museum and classrooms are all still present onboard but unfortunately will remain hidden to the public eye. Since 1991 she has been owned by the Technical University of Murmansk. During the summer of 2005 the Sedov played a part in the making of the film about the sinking of the four masted bark Pamir. For that occasion the previously white hull was painted black because all the ships of the Flying P-line that owned the Pamir were black.


The Sedov is the oldest still sailing traditional sailing vessel in the world. She can be regularly seen at European Sail events.


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