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The Sailing Heritage of Sail Den Helder 2017

What is the Sailing Heritage?

The Netherlands boasts the largest collection of Sailing Heritage in the world. The fleet is authentic, well maintained and unique. Nationally and internationally the fleet is held in high esteem. For these reasons the Dutch historic fleet is an important part of the national heritage.

It is our Dutch Sailing Heritage.

The Sailing Heritage consists of all kinds of types of ships, such as steam  and motor tugs, Clippers and Tjalken, sailing wherries, lifeboats, cutters, Langedijkers and Akkerschuiten, round- and flatbottoms, Hoogaarzen and Botters, Bakdekkers and Zalmschouwen, to mention just a few. The ships are categorised by type in so called ´conservation organisations´ that look after the collective interests of that specific type.

Approximately 200 ships from the Sailing Heritage are taking part in Sail Den Helder 2017.


Apart from Tall Ships and the Sailing Heritage there are numerous other magnificent ships going to be present during this grand event.





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